Tangye Hydraulic Jacks and Pumps – Downloads


All the Tangye downloads on Allspeeds’ site are also available below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please email: info@allspeeds.co.uk or phone: +44 (0)1254 615 100 and Allspeeds’ engineering team will provide the information you need.

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Tangye offers Hydraclaw, Hydramite and Hydralite hydraulic jacks as well as Hydrapak pumps, ideal when no power source is available, and Hydrostatic Test Pumps for checking the pressure resistance of gas and fluid pressure vessels.

Download the Tangye brochure


Tangye Hydramite and Hydralite Aircraft Jacks are lightweight and portable hydraulic lifting jacks designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and position heavy loads with minimum effort and maximum safety.

Download the Tangye Aircraft Jacks brochure

Tangye Aircraft Jacks Brochure

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Hydrapak Pump
Data SheetDownload
Pump Variants with valveDownload
Pump Variants without valveDownload
Operating InstructionsDownload
Hydraclaw Jack
Data SheetDownload
Operating InstructionsDownload
Hydramite Jack
Data SheetDownload
Operating InstructionsDownload
Hydralite Jacks
6” Plain Jack Data SheetDownload
6” Plain Jack Operating InstructionsDownload
6” Screwed Jack Data SheetDownload
6” Screwed Jack Operating InstructionsDownload
6” Claw / Toe Jack Data SheetDownload
6” Claw / Toe Jack Operating InstructionsDownload
12” Plain Jack Data SheetDownload
12” Plain Jack Operating InstructionsDownload
12” Screwed Jack Data SheetDownload
12” Screwed Jack Operating InstructionsDownload
12” Claw / Toe Jack Data SheetDownload
12” Claw / Toe Jack Operating InstructionsDownload
100 tonne Jack Data SheetDownload
100 tonne Jack Operating InstructionsDownload
Aircraft Jacks
Aircraft Jack BrochureDownload
Hydrostatic Test Pump
Data SheetDownload