nuclear decommissioning Sellafield tool in handling frame

Nuclear decommissioning is juts one area where our ROV tools can be used. Webtool guillotine croppers offer several advantages over traditional ‘pincer’ or ‘parrot beak’ type croppers. These tools are very capable of cutting through much larger cross-sections and are not prone to jamming, offering significant time savings for those using the tool.

Webtool guillotine croppers use a cold cutting process. The hydraulically powered tool comprises a jaw containing a blade and an anvil. This makes operation a lot more straightforward when in use – those operating the tool simply position the metal section in the jaw, and activate the tool.

The blades on our Webtool nuclear decommissioning tools are not given to deflection or breakage and once the material is positioned in the cropper it cannot slip out as a result of the cropping action. This is just one example, but a further advantage is our unique optional remote anvil and blade changing feature.

Unlike other cutting methods where there is a risk of the item flexing during cutting and either trapping or snapping the blade, closing the guillotine’s anvil on this tool locks the component to be cut in the correct position, ensuring the cut is completed successfully every single time.

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