Every day Allspeeds products are providing a safe and efficient service in demanding applications around the world. Our range of brands includes Webtool hydraulic cutters and systems, Tangye hydraulic lifting jacks and hydrostatic test pumps, Millingford sucker rod pumps and Kopp variable speed drives.

Webtool from Allspeeds

Webtool offers a range of cutting, gripping, and emergency disconnect tools ideally suited for use in the Oil and Gas, Offshore, Nuclear, Military and Aerospace industries. The Webtool range also includes an intensifier safety tool.

Tangye from Allspeeds

Tangye hydraulic jacks are ideal for a range of applications, from lifting planes to supporting bridges. Tangye also offers Hydrapak pumps, ideal when no power source is available, and Hydrostatic Test Pumps for checking the pressure resistance of gas and fluid pressure vessels.

Millingford from Allspeeds

Millingford is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of sub-surface sucker rod pumps. Every pump is tested to ensure Allspeeds high standard of quality is maintained. Upholding these standards has earned Millingford a reputation for reliability throughout the oil industry.

Kopp from Allspeeds

Kopp speed variators provide the perfect solution for applications that rely on the ability to change speeds frequently. Kopp Variators range from utilising a straightforward free shaft ball to the sophisticated cone type K Variator which incorporates closed loop control sevo systems.

To find out more about the range of hydraulic equipment, engineering capability and expertise available from Allspeeds please contact our engineering team to discuss your requirement