Portable Emergency Cutter


Webtool Deck Emergency Fibre Rope Cutter Sack Truck

Allspeeds has developed two types of Portable Emergency cutters for use on offshore vessels: a Softline cutter for fibre ropes such as Dyneema or Spectra, and a steel wire rope deck cutter. Both cutters are designed for offshore situations, where an almost instantaneous cut is required in the event of an emergency.

Softline Deck Cutter

WebtoolTM has developed a portable Softline emergency deck cutter for tugs, barges and offshore vessels. Easily deployed, and operated remotely, the cutter provides an instant cut of fibre ropes up to 80mm diameter in the event the vessel gets into difficulties.

Fibre ropes are widely used in offshore applications where ease of handling and deployment compared with steel wire, and the rope’s ability to float are important. The fibre rope deck emergency cutter is intended as a last resort when other measures to prevent damage to the vessel have failed.

When deployed, the cutter and its frame are lifted off the sack truck and placed over the fibre rope. The lightweight frame allows the cutter to slide on the deck without getting damaged. In the event of an emergency, the cutter connected to the control panel is activated, severing the rope instantly

Wire Rope Deck Cutter

In addition to the fibre rope cutter, Webtool also supplies a portable, emergency tow rope cutter for oil tankers to eliminate the risk of the pull-back tug capsizing. Attached to the steel wire tow line on the tanker’s deck, the cutter, once activated, cuts a 60-70mm steel wire tow line within 3 seconds to prevent vessel difficulties and/or capsize.

The WebtoolTM range of high-performance cutting tools is designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd.