About Allspeeds

Allspeeds has over 150 years experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment. We have gained a global reputation for the quality and effectiveness across a wide range of hydraulic products for industries including Oil & Gas, Subsea, Offshore, Nuclear Decommissioning, Aerospace, Construction and Military. All product research, design, testing, development and manufacturing are performed at our facilities and head office in Accrington, Lancashire, UK.

Our Brands

Allspeeds manufactures a range of well-known industry brands including Webtool hydraulic cutters and systems, Tangye hydraulic lifting jacks and hydrostatic test pumps, Millingford sucker rod pumps and Kopp variable speed drives.

Many of these brands represent landmarks in the development of industrial engineering. Tangye hydraulic jacks were used by Isambard Kingdom Brunel to launch the SS Great Eastern, then the world’s largest ship, in 1858.

Today, Allspeeds continues to work at the leading edge of engineering with its Webtool cutting tools. These hydraulically operated cutting tools are widely used on the foremost subsea ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) fleets around the world.


World-class Webtool guillotine cutting technology is shaping the development of new applications in subsea and offshore emergency disconnect systems, nuclear decommissioning and aerospace. Over a number of years of continued research and development, Allspeeds has gained unrivalled expertise in blade materials and geometries, cutting techniques, handling and operating systems.

These developments are driven by Allspeeds ability to tap into the engineering experience, skills and know-how of its engineers to provide market-leading, problem solving systems.

Production Facilities

Allspeeds’ Accrington factory includes extensive development, manufacturing and test facilities. All work is performed in line with ISO 9001 quality standard with all Allspeeds products fully traceable from raw materials to the finished product.  Testing facilities were designed to meet Allspeeds’ needs as well as the requirements for equipment certification by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Our facilities allow us to undertake continuous product development of the industry leading Webtool cutting tools range. Investment in machining facilities has allowed Allspeeds to streamline production of larger Webtool cutting tools and specially engineered versions of our Tangye hydraulic jacks, whilst a 250 tonne hydraulic test rig enables the routine testing and development of various cutting tools and blade geometries.

To find out more about the range of hydraulic, engineering capability and expertise available from Allspeeds please contact our engineering team to discuss your requirement:
+44 (0) 1254 615 100