Tangye Hydraulic Jacks & Pumps

For over 160 years Tangye has developed and manufactured a range of high quality hydraulic equipment ideal for industrial lifting as well as for a variety of other applications.

Tangye offers Hydraclaw, Hydramite and Hydralite hydraulic jacks as well as Hydrapak pumps, ideal when no power source is available, and Hydrostatic Test Pumps for checking the pressure resistance of gas and fluid pressure vessels.

Tangye’s range of lightweight, aluminium products has been in use throughout the world since 1856. Characterised by robust and efficient design, Tangye hydraulic jacks and pumps are high quality products that provide many years of reliable service.

Industrial Lifting

Tangye jacks allow heavy loads to be lifted, lowered, manoeuvred and positioned with safety. The range offers lifting capacity, 5-100 tonne, and stroke options to meet the needs of a variety of heavy lifting situations including claws for low ground clearance and screwed rams for sustained load retention. Due to their lightweight design and ease of use, Tangye’s Hydralite, Hydraclaw, and Hydramite hydraulic jacks can be safely operated by one person.

Tangye Quality Assurance

All Tangye products are manufactured in the UK using high quality European materials and in accordance with ISO 9001. Every Tangye jack and pump is serial numbered, fully tested and certified.

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