Tangye Jacks

Tangye’s lightweight aluminium range of products have been in use throughout the world since 1856; working efficiently for customers who require jacks for a variety of applications from supporting bridges to lifting the nose end of F16 fighter planes.

Tangye jacks can lift up to 100 Tonnes and are used in many industries such as construction, industrial, automotive, mining, railroad, manufacturing and many more. The Hydraulic Jacks have the following lifting capacities:

All Tangye Hydraulic Jacks are built with the following characteristics:

  • Portable – compact self-contained design and manufactured using high grade lightweight materials.
  • Safe – positive stop prevents over-stroking and a pressure relief valve prevents overloading.
  • Reliable – jack hydraulics  are totally enclosed for optimum protection.
  • Durable – the working life of a Tangye jack is considerable, in fact, many Hydralite jacks are over 30 years old and still in everyday use.
  • Ease of Operation – lifting/ lowering controlled smoothly by operating lever with minimum effort.
  • Ready to Use – every jack arrives ready to use.
  • Quality – manufactured and engineered in the UK.

Tangye also offers a range of 2 speed hydraulic hand pumps called the Hydrapak pump. Many of our Hydrapaks are kept as a back-up system as an alternative pumping method for when power packs or power sources fail.

Servicing is available for all of our Tangye hydraulic equipment. All Tangye hydraulic jacks are manufactured by Allspeeds here in Accrington, UK to ensure quality and reliability.




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