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Hydraulic Equipment and Tools Manufacturer

Allspeeds Ltd, serves a global market in providing engineering solutions and manufactures hydraulic equipment and tools for a diverse range of industries including the Military, Aviation, Rail, Bridging, Construction, Oil and Gas, Subsea and Nuclear.

Allspeeds’ highly skilled team of engineers, accredited to ISO9001 standards, have the knowledge and technical ability to provide quality bespoke solutions combined with excellent customer service and support.



Allspeeds is the only manufacturer of the Tangye range of lightweight aluminium hydraulic jacks ranging from 6.5-100 tonnes along with a selection of pumps and bottle jacks.

Tangye Jacks

Webtool subsea tools are designed and manufactured by Allspeeds Ltd; a range of heavy duty wire rope and cable cutting and gripping tools which have been specially developed to operate in subsea conditions.

Webtool Cutters

Millingford manufacture, supply and service the full range of subsurface sucker rod pumps and fittings covered by the API Specification 11AX. Millingford are supplied and manufactured by Allspeeds Ltd.

Sucker Rod Pumps

Kopp Variators are mechanical variable speed drives or transmissions used to control speeds on industrial machinery. They are constant power torque convertors with accurate speed holding and resetability.

Kopp Variable Speed Drives

The Blake Hydram water powered pump is capable of moving water from one place to another using only the energy contained in a flowing stream or river. It is capable of supplying water to remote areas.

Blake Hydram Water Pumps