Kopp Variators are mechanical variable speed drives or transmissions used to control speeds on industrial machinery. They are constant power torque converters with extremely accurate speed holding and resetability. Modern technology demands the ability to change speeds frequently, whether by manual methods or automatic control systems. The Kopp Variator is ideally suited to these requirements, as the control mechanism is light, positive and extremely accurate.

Predetermined speeds can be quickly selected and accurately maintained.

Readily adaptable to remote control and to applications requiring reverse rotation or braking.

Compact design with in-line shafts combining easily with standard electric motors and gearboxes.

Low in cost yet precision built for quiet operation and durability.

Totally enclosed for use in wet or dusty environments or in hazardous locations demanding explosion proof work.

The Kopp Variator offers speed ranges from 11:1 variation and input powers 0.18kW to 25kW. The Kopp series ranges from Variators utilising a straightforward free shaft ball to the sophisticated cone type K Variator that incorporates closed loop control sevo systems.


Allspeeds offers a comprehensive repair facility for Kopp Variators. If you return a Variator to us we will strip and examine the unit then quote you the cost of repair. This is normally what we call a “basic repair”. This is charged at a fixed rate depending on the size of the unit, much like a service for your car. The cost of a basic Variator repair includes the following;

  • Replacement or refurbishment of all drive components: Drive balls, drive cones, retaining ring, splined discs, preload springs, clutch rollers, oil seals and oil.
  • Replacement of any bearings if required
  • Cleaning and repainting.
  • 6 months warranty on all parts and labour.

If any other parts are damaged or worn the cost of this item will be added to the cost of the basic repair. Most Variator failures are caused by the use of the wrong oil. We would advise you read the download titled “Which oil should I use”.

To find out more about the range of hydraulic equipment, engineering capability and expertise available from Allspeeds Ltd please contact our engineering team to discuss your requirements.