Webtool targets smaller and inspection class ROVs with Electro-Hydraulic Power Pack

Webtool targets smaller and inspection class ROVs with Electro-Hydraulic Power Pack

Webtool announces the industry’s first electro-hydraulic power pack. This new pack is bringing a high pressure, the hydraulic capability to inspection class and smaller ROVs. The lightweight EHP350 battery-powered power pack is designed to be used with Webtool wire rope and Softline cutters at water depths up to 1000m.

Until now, inspection class ROVs have lacked the capability to use Webtool range of subsea cutters. This was due to the weight of the hydraulic systems required. The EHP350 power pack weighs less than 7kg in water and can generate 350 bar of hydraulic pressure.

The EHP350 is available as a package with a specially designed lightweight cutter (7kg in water), DFC1, capable of cutting both wire rope up to ½ inch (12.5mm) and Softline up to 1 inch (25mm) due to the cutter’s interchangeable blades and anvils.

Webtool Electric ROV Cutter Battery Cuts Up To 20 Times On A Single Charge

All the power required to operate the power pack is drawn from lightweight, high capacity rechargeable batteries. This ensures that no power is drawn from the ROV, consequently, ROV functionality is unaffected. When utilising the DFC1, up to 20 cuts can be performed on a single charge and recharged using the supplied charger.

In addition, a major benefit of the power pack is the ability to power any double acting tool. The packaged tool can easily be interchanged for an alternative cutter, hot stab or similar. For larger tools with more swept volume, a larger compensator can be substituted to provide a higher volume fluid reservoir.

Electric ROV Cutter Battery Compatible with Our Other Hydraulic ROV Tools

“For the first time, all electric ROVs now have the high pressure, a hydraulic capability needed for using Webtool cutters. Moreover, the electro-hydraulic power pack is compatible with most other subsea hydraulic tools. This enables greater utility of the technology subsea,” says Keith Elliot, engineering director, Allspeeds Ltd.

The Webtool range of high-performance cutting tools is designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd! For more information on our Webtool range of cutters please call 01254 615100 or email: info@allspeeds.co.uk. You can also contact the Allspeeds team here, they would be happy to help you! Make sure to check out our Facebook page too.