Webtool Subsea Resettable Emergency Disconnect Cutter

Webtool Subsea Resettable Emergency Disconnect Cutter

Hydraulic cutting systems specialist, Webtool, announces a resettable emergency disconnect cutter for light and medium subsea well intervention. The Webtool guillotine cutter can now be reset subsea by ROV. This is an integral part of either a workover tool or dedicated emergency disconnect package. This then avoids the need to return the cutter to the surface vessel for resetting.

The Webtool subsea emergency cutter is a simpler and quicker emergency disconnection than more complex multi-line stab-plate systems for mixed material bundles. Within a water well intervention emergency disconnect package, the bundles are securely positioned in the mouth of the cutter. Multiple fluid transfer lines and hydraulic flying leads (HFL) are all cut in single guillotine action. This takes just a few seconds. Steel tension member, fibre rope, reinforced hoses, electrical conductors, cables and electrical flying leads (EFL) are also cut.

The Webtool cutter offers considerable weight savings compared with other emergency disconnect cutters and methods, and is easily retrofitted to intervention systems.

ROV Subsea Emergency Cutter (Resettable Cutter)

In the event of an emergency disconnection, the Webtool cutter is reset. This is done by the ROV releasing the blade and re-charging the hydraulic system. The ROV then places the new HFL and EFL / mixed material bundles in the jaw of the cutter. Then, the Webtool emergency cutter is set and ready for action.

As an alternative to rechargeable accumulators, Webtool also offers a solution which requires no external power source.  It automatically activates when the emergency disconnect package separates. In this way, proven Webtool cutting heads and blade technology are combined with hydraulic pump actuators to provide the mechanical power necessary to cut modern connection bundles.

“The Webtool cutter has proven to be an effective solution for companies looking for a way of quickly disconnecting mixed media bundles in an emergency,” says Keith Elliot, engineering director, Allspeeds Ltd. “By making the Webtool cutter ROV resettable, it is now even easier for companies to opt for a Webtool cutter for their emergency disconnection needs.”

The Webtool Emergency Disconnect is part of the Webtool range of high-performance subsea emergency cutting tools. These emergency tools are designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd.

To find out more information about our range of Webtool cutters and other tools please call 01254 615100, or email: info@allspeeds.co.uk. You can also contact us here via our contact page if you have any questions.