Webtool Emergency Disconnection Tool for JDR Cables IWOCS

Webtool Emergency Disconnection Tool for JDR Cables IWOCS

Subsea cutting tools specialist, Webtool, has supplied JDR Cable Systems, the leading supplier of subsea umbilicals and power cables to the offshore energy industry, with a resettable emergency disconnection tool for its fleet of rental IWOCS well intervention and workover systems.

JDR’s IWOCS rentals offer oil and gas operators the ability to increase production from subsea wells by providing a temporary connection for intervention, completions and plug and abandonment applications. A variety of configurations are available for specific project requirements including single wire deployment and self-supporting IWOCS.

The Webtool cutter is designed to allow the IWOCS package to be released without damaging the subsea assets in the event of an emergency. An integral part of the IWOCS, the tool can be used to cut hydraulic and electrical flying leads as well as mixed material bundles typically found in umbilical, hoses and cables such as multiple fluid transfer lines, steel tension member, fibre rope, reinforced hoses and electrical conductors. It is also one of the few tools able to cut tension wire together with cables and hoses.

The sacrificial mixed material bundle is securely positioned in the mouth of the Webtool emergency cutter. Once activated the bundle is cut in a single operation within a few seconds. The tool can be reset by either returning it to the vessel or reset subsea by ROV for a speedier return to well intervention operations. Designed for deployment for extended periods subsea, the Webtool emergency cutter can be function tested in situ, ensuring the tool is ready for use in the event of an emergency.

“The Webtool IWOCS emergency cutter offers our clients a highly effective way of managing emergency disconnections with minimum disruption to their intervention, completions and plug and abandonment applications,” says Johnston Dietz, technical manager IWOCS, JDR Cable Systems.

The Webtool emergency cutter range is part of the Webtool range of high performance cutting tools, designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd in the UK.

For more information visit the Webtool emergency disconnection tool page or call +44 (0)1254 615100 and email: info@allspeeds.co.uk

For more information on JDR Cables Systems IWOCS contact Johnston Dietz for a complete list of service offerings.