Webtool Cutter for Offshore Power Cable Deployment

Webtool Cutter for Offshore Power Cable Deployment

Webtool announces its largest standard cutter so far, the Webtool HCV330. Designed for cables, hydraulic lines, risers and umbilicals up to 330 mm diameter, the cutter can be used either deck mounted or subsea with a work class ROV.

Advances in subsea power cables which are larger diameter and better armoured have prompted the development of the HCV330 cutter. It comprises a jaw containing a blade and anvil. Once the cable or riser is positioned in the jaw and the anvil closed, the guillotine blade is activated. Unlike other cutting methods where there is a risk of the item flexing during cutting and either trapping or snapping the blade, closing the guillotine’s anvil locks the cable in position ensuring the cut is completed successfully, typically within one minute.

The Webtool cutter can be used at any water depth, with pressure compensation on the hydraulic supply. Weighing 540 kg in water, the cutter uses 690bar maximum input pressure. An optional hydraulic intensifier is available.

“The Webtool HCV330 can be used for cable lay and repair. During cable lay, the cutter can be mounted on the stern of the vessel with cable passing through it. In the event of a problem with the cable reeler that puts the vessel is at risk, the cutter can be activated immediately, severing the cable and freeing the ship,” says Keith Elliot, managing director, Allspeeds.

Webtool HCV330 cutter is part of the Webtool range of high performance hydraulic cutters and systems, designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd in the UK.

For more information download the Webtool HCV330 datasheet.