Testing at AllspeedsGiven the mission-critical nature of many Webtool applications, Allspeeds has extensive on-site development and test facilities. Wherever possible testing is conducted in conditions that replicate the application environment.

Our development and testing facilities include:

  • 250 tonne hydraulic test rig
  • Various cutting test fixtures
  • Various blade geometries.

Working with the material grade or specification supplied by our customer, we are able to generate test data to assess the tool’s cutting performance. From here it is an iterative process of refining the blade geometry to optimise the cutting action. In some cases, we are able to identify improvements to the cutting technique that can assist the customer in achieving their project objectives.

The test facilities allow Allspeeds to meet the demands of industry specific testing; in the past we have provided demonstrations for the American Petroleum Institute and American Bureau of Shipping. Allspeeds is currently working with the DNV on the development of the Webtool CGL Gripper.

To find out more about the range of hydraulic equipment, engineering capability and expertise available from Allspeeds Ltd please contact our engineering team to discuss your requirements