Largest Webtool Fibre Rope Cutter so far

Largest Webtool Fibre Rope Cutter so far

Webtool fibre top cutter has been announced by Allspeeds, it is the largest standard fibre rope cutter so far. The Webtool SL165 softline ROV tool is capable of cutting soft and fibre ropes up to 165mm diameter. It can be deployed either on the manipulator arm of a work class ROV or integrated within a maritime handling system, in both cases the cutter operates at any water depth.

Fibre rope is widely used in subsea anchoring, equipment deployment and construction, as an alternative to steel wire. The need to handle higher loads has prompted the use of larger diameter ropes. In the event the rope needs to be cut, the Webtool guillotine cutting action offers a quick and efficient solution, cutting the softline within a few seconds.

Made from lightweight aluminium, the Webtool SL165 weighs 49.8Kg in air (33.5Kg in water) and uses 690 bar maximum input pressure. An optional hydraulic intensifier is available.

“We’ve developed the SL165 to meet the ever increasing requirement of our customers to cut larger softlines,” says Colin Schroder, managing director, Allspeeds Ltd. “Using our expertise in cutting blade design, the blade is fully optimised for cutting fibre rope, ensuring a speedy cut.”

The SL165’s corrosion resistant aluminium body and cylinder and long blade and anvil life ensures tool maintenance is kept to a minimum. In addition to the standard tool design, the softline cutter is available in bespoke and custom designs to suit special applications, with the possibility of cutting softlines up to 350mm and more.

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