Integrated Emergency Cutter for Fibre Rope Winch

Integrated Emergency Cutter for Fibre Rope Winch

Webtool has developed an integrated fibre rope emergency cutter for maritime winches. In the event the winch gets into difficulties during towing and lifting, the softline cutter provides an instant emergency disconnect, preventing further risk to the vessel.

Fibre ropes are an attractive alternative to steel wire in towing, lifting and salvage operations. Easier to handle, lighter and stronger, they allow ship operators to maximise winch load capacity. The Webtool softline cutter is a lightweight aluminium construction. Mounted on a transverse arm, this allows free movement of the rope through the closed mouth without affecting normal operations. When the cutter is activated in an emergency, the recessed blade is released and the rope is cut against the tool’s anvil.

The hydraulic guillotine cut of a 100mm diameter rope is achieved within seconds. To ensure the blade doesn’t cut accidentally, the softline cutter is fitted with replaceable shear pins.

“Demand for fibre rope cutters is increasing as companies take advantage of the rope’s handling and strength characteristics to meet demanding project requirements,” says Keith Elliot, engineering director, Allspeeds Ltd. “The winch mounted cutter incorporates key features from our standard softline cutters, and is readily adapted for use on any type of winch.”

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