Allspeeds Announces Flushable Tangye Hydrapak Pump

Allspeeds Announces Flushable Tangye Hydrapak Pump

UK-based hydraulic tool specialist, Allspeeds, announces a new flushable capability to their Tangye Hydrapak pump range. A common problem with hydraulic pumps is the corrosion of internal components when left subjected to certain fluids over extended periods of time. The new flushable capability allows all fluid to be drained from the pump to ensure that they can be left “dry” during any downtime or whilst in storage. This will greatly increase the life of the pump when using with any non-oil based or corrosive fluids. 

The Hydrapak hydrostatic pump has a maximum operating pressure of 1000 bar, allowing proof testing of 700 bar hydraulic tools at pressures 20-25% above their rated load. Made from lightweight aluminium, the compact pumps are highly portable and weigh only 4.5 kg. It offers two speed operation allowing a rapid pre-fill/no-load approach, and push button changeover to deliver high pressure.

 “After receiving feedback from our clients, we realised there was an issue we could solve by introducing flushable capability to the Hydrapak pump. We were able to quickly develop and deploy new flushable pumps for the benefit of our customers” said Keith Elliot, Managing Director, Allspeeds.


The Tangye Hydrapak pump is part of the Tangye range of high-performance hydraulic jacks and pumps, designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd in the UK.

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