Webtool Develops Environmentally Friendly, Chevron Subsea Pipeline Decommissioning Tool

Webtool Develops Environmentally Friendly, Chevron Subsea Pipeline Decommissioning Tool

Subsea Pipeline Decommissioning Tool

Hydraulic subsea tools specialist, Webtool, is developing a Fast Intervention Tool. The tool is for subsea pipeline decommissioning in conjunction with Chevron Energy Technology Company. The subsea pipeline decommissioning tool will crimp, seal, and cut the pipe reducing the potential for contamination of the marine environment. This is potentially removing the requirement for a containment dome during pipeline cutting, and minimising diver intervention.

The Fast Intervention Tool (FIT) is a modular design. It combines lifting, crimping, injection and cutting in a single  lifting and deployment frame which also contains the hydraulic control system. Webtool has completed FIT conceptual design and in-house development and testing. It is now preparing a working prototype for hyperbaric and sea trials.

“We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to develop Chevron’s Fast Intervention Tool,” says Keith Elliot, MD, Allspeeds. “Our design team has considerable experience of working on new product developments for companies tackling demanding applications where hydraulic cutting and gripping is involved.”

Webtool is the UK’s leading supplier of hydraulic subsea cutting tools for ROVs and Intervention Control and Workover Systems (IWOCS) and other applications.

The Webtool range of high performance cutting tools is designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd in the UK.

For more information on the Webtool range of cutters, call +44 (0)1254 615100, email: info@allspeeds.co.uk, and visit www.webtool.co.uk. You can also contact us here, and a member of our team will be in touch.