Buoyancy frame aids positioning of Webtool cutter by divers

Buoyancy frame aids positioning of Webtool cutter by divers

Norwegian Offshore Rental (NOR) a global provider of rental equipment to the offshore, subsea and renewable energy industries, is now able to offer a Webtool RCV115 cutter with a protective lifting frame, able to accommodate buoyancy to aid with handling subsea. The Webtool cutter compliments their existing fleet of high-performing subsea cutting technology solutions in the offshore energy sector.

The Webtool RCV115 cutter is built inside a custom protective lifting frame certified for up to 300kg SWL and equipped with a hot stab function and intensifier. The cutter is made from corrosion resistant and durable coated stainless-steel. These modifications allow wire rope cutting under the toughest of conditions and the most demanding of circumstances without unbalancing a working ROV.

“The buoyancy frame was introduced by engineers at NOR to assist customers when using the cutter. It allows the cutter to be fitted with buoyancy aids enabling divers to position the cutter subsea more easily,” says Jostein Jansen Sales Manager at NOR.    

RCV115 heavy-duty wire rope cutter

The Webtool RCV115 is a heavy-duty wire rope cutter designed for subsea deployment in severe working conditions. The integrated hydraulic anvil removes the need for diver intervention and makes the tool easily deployed and operated by ROV.

The RCV115 cutter is part of the Webtool range of high-performance hydraulic cutters and systems, designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd in the UK.

For more information on the Webtool range, call +44 (0)1254 615100, email: info@allspeeds.co.uk, or visit www.allspeeds.co.uk.