Allspeeds supplies Webtool integrated hydraulic cutter for Flexlife

Allspeeds supplies Webtool integrated hydraulic cutter for Flexlife

Allspeeds has supplied an integrated guillotine hydraulic cutter to offshore engineering services company, Flexlife, as part of a North Sea platform decommissioning project.

The application involves passing a hose though 2” pipework into a jacket leg that had previously been filled with a plugging material. This material is cleared using a corrosive gel breaker fluid. Once completed, the end of the hose is cut-off, and the rest of the hose retrieved.

Constructed of multiple wire layers and an inner and outer plastic sheath, the unpressurised hose is cut using the Webtool cutter. The body of the cutter is designed as a pipework component with integral flanges either side of the cutter mouth, allowing it to be easily integrated inline in the pipework mounted in a permanent installation. The custom design allows the full jetting nozzle assembly, hose swage and hose to pass through the guillotine cutter.

The double-acting Webtool guillotine cutter is specially designed to resist the corrosive fluid within the hose; cutter body and pipework flanged connections are fully sealed to ensure containment of the fluid. The integrated cutter fully contains any spilt fluid and is capable of being left in a 25-year abandonment, without seeping any of the hazardous media.

Webtool is a range of high performance, hydraulic cutters and systems, designed and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd in the UK.

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