37.5kW Kopp Variator for Phosphate Mine

37.5kW Kopp Variator for Phosphate Mine

Engineering systems integrator, Allspeeds, is manufacturing a 37.5kW Kopp Variator for phosphate production in Jordan. The new machine replaces an existing variator that has been in service for over 20 years for conveyor control at the plant.

Kopp Variators are mechanical variable speed drives used to control the speed of industrial machinery. Ideal for production machinery that relies on the ability to change speeds frequently, variators are constant power torque converters with extremely accurate speed holding and resetability, unlike invertor and gearbox controls.

Totally enclosed for use in wet or dusty environments or hazardous locations demanding explosion proof work, the 37.5kW Kopp Variator’s control mechanism is light, positive and extremely accurate. Typically, Kopp Variators offer speeds from 11:1 variation and input powers 0.18kW to 100kW. The Kopp series ranges from Variators utilising a straightforward free shaft ball to the sophisticated cone type K Variator that incorporates closed loop control servo systems.

“The Kopp Variator is ideal for manufacturing processes where precise control and smooth speed changes are essential. Invertor and gearbox controls simply can’t match the smooth response of the variator to speed changes”, says Keith Elliot, managing director, Allspeeds.

Kopp Variators

Kopp Variators are constant power torque converters enabling precise process control for pumping and conveying of ingredients, fans and packaging equipment, for example, as well as offering significantly improved energy efficiency, quiet operation and durability.

It is ideally suited to these applications as predetermined speeds can be quickly selected and accurately maintained. Also, the variator is readily adaptable to remote control and to applications requiring reverse rotation or braking, and the compact design with in-line shafts combines easily with standard electric motors and gearboxes.

For more information on Kopp Variators, visit www.allspeeds.co.uk/kopp-variators