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In the demanding subsea environment, Webtool’s ROV guillotine cutting technology and ROV tools sets the standard for reliable, precision cutting in mission-critical applications.

Subsea Cutting ROV Tools

Subsea field development and engineering operations rely heavily on robust and effective ROV interventions and ROV tools to carry out their intended jobs. Webtool’s industry leading range of ROV hydraulic wire cutting tools are designed for the most challenging subsea conditions, and are used by ROV fleets worldwide.

Manufactured in either stainless steel or lightweight aluminium, our ROV tools provide powerful cutting, gripping and lifting tools for wire ropes, guidewires, cables, umbilicals and fibre ropes. Along with the standard Webtool range, Allspeeds design bespoke specialist subsea ROV tools to meet the needs of users who demand high quality and total reliability.

For those circumstances where additional cutting power is required, Webtool has developed a dedicated hydraulic intensifier panel for use with all Webtool cutting and gripping ROV tools, as well as third party equipment.

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