What is a QR Code?

What is a QR Code?

You may have seen these QR codes appear on a lot of printed adverts recently and thought what are they?

QR codes are basically a barcode such as the ones that you would see on packaging but more complicated due to its capabilities.

Once scanned the QR code will automatically open some content on the device. This content could be for example a video, website, a simple message or even just a person’s contact details; there are so many variations available.

The codes are scanned using a smartphone or similar device equipped with a QR code reader application. If your smartphone does not have a QR code reader application then one can be downloaded from the app store on your phone and the majority of these are FREE!

The QR codes can be placed almost anywhere, for example printed adverts, business cards, packaging pretty much anywhere else where you can print the code. The QR codes can be as big as a billboard or as small as a twenty pence piece; the bigger the code the easier it is to scan and of course the quality of the print counts as a blurred image may not scan.

To scan a QR code you need a QR code scanner on your mobile phone; simply go to your app store on your mobile device and search for ‘qr code’. Next select the app with the highest rating (try select a free one) and install it.

Once installed, open the QR code reader on the smartphone or mobile device. Point the device’s camera at the QR code and once it focuses it should automatically scan (some devices may require you to press a button). The QR code is successfully read when your mobile browser takes you directly to the destination.