Webtool Announces Compact Guide Wire Cutting Tool for ROVs

Webtool Announces Compact Guide Wire Cutting Tool for ROVs

Webtool ROV wire cutting tool, designed to cut steel guide wires and used during subsea installation has been announced by leading cutting tool company Allspeeds. This wire cutting tool is suitable for wire up to 30mm diameter, the WCO30 tools are a compact and more reliable alternative to larger cuttings tools normally needed for guide wire cutting.

Guide wires are made up of fine individual steel wire strands and a polymer core that makes them difficult to cut. The heavy duty WCO30D and WCO30DLP (high pressure and low pressure versions) wire cutters are suitable for steel wire ropes up to Ø30mm (1.181”) with a maximum tensile strength of 1960N/mm and high grade wire up to Ø28mm (1.102”) with tensile strength 2160n/mm.

With its corrosion resistant stainless steel body with Nitrotec coated alloy steel cylinder, the hydraulically operated WCO30 tool is designed for use in severe working conditions. The tool’s long blade and anvil life ensures that tool maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Suitable for cutting wire rope, guide wire, cables, hoses and umbilicals, the WCO30’s open sided design allows for easy positioning of the cutter on the cable and ideal for operation in confined spaces.

The WCO30 cutting tool can be used at any water depth, with pressure compensation on the hydraulic supply. Weighing 13kg in water, the high pressure WCO30D uses 700bar maximum input pressure. Its lower pressure version WCO30DLP weighs 17.8kg in water and uses 210 bar maximum input pressure.

For more information on the Webtool WCO30 cutting tool call +44 (0)1254 615100, email: info@allspeeds.co.uk, and visit www.allspeeds.co.uk.