Allspeeds Streamlines Webtool Product Development

Allspeeds Streamlines Webtool Product Development

Allspeeds has invested over £200,000 in new product development facilities at the company’s headquarters in Accrington, Lancashire. The investment will increase the competitiveness and applications for the company’s industry-leading Webtool cutting tools in the subsea, maritime and nuclear industries.

Webtool is a range of hydraulically operated guillotine cutting tools. Standard equipment in most ROV fleets around the world, the tools are known throughout the offshore industry for their quality and reliability. In the nuclear industry the tools are used for decommissioning where slicing through fuel rods and building steel infrastructure, for example, is safer and quicker than other cutting techniques.

Allspeeds has upgraded its paint shop facilities with a custom fabricated paint booth to reduce lead times and improve paint finish. A new wire eroding machine, sliding head lathe, new benches and tooling, will streamline production of cutting blades.

“There is growing demand for Webtool cutting tools in mission critical applications, such as emergency disconnection,” says Colin Schroder, managing director, Allspeeds. “The investment in new production facilities increases our manufacturing and product development capability, and is consistent with our commitment to continuous improvement across the company.”

New product developments in Webtool Emergency Disconnection tools for subsea and maritime applications are a growing market for Allspeeds. With increasing concerns over the environment and safety offshore, companies are looking for rapid and effective disconnection tools they can rely on. Mr Schroder again, “Contingency is an important element in all offshore operations. By fitting a Webtool Emergency Disconnection tool companies are in a better position to manage the disconnection safely.”

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